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Design speaks volumes


This is a ___________ design... What do you want your adjective to be? What do you want your design to say? Let's work together to come to the best solution possible for your brand. I can make sure that the adjective your design communicates is the right one.



My path to design


Although I've always had an artistic side, it took me a while to realize that I could make a career out of it.

Growing up I learned how to draw from copying comic books and how to craft with other materials from watching my mother, a talented quilter. Despite my love for art and being the designated t-shirt designer for all of my school sports and clubs in high school, I took a different path and earned a degree in Political Science and Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Politics and art may not seem related, but I have found that the skills of diplomacy and cooperation are actually extremely helpful to a graphic designer!

After college I moved to Boston and began to realize that at heart I wasn't a lawyer but a designer. While working full-time at a law firm downtown, I took evening classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I completed the graphic design program at SMFA in December of 2012. The long nights were worth it. Currently I'm the Senior Graphic Designer at SHIFT Communications and work for several freelance clients as well.

My favorite thing about my work is being able to hand someone the visual manifestation of their concept or identity and have them say, "Yes! This is what I needed." or even greater, "This is better than I imagined."

Designing makes me happy.



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