Graphic designer in Boston

Grand Final Party Poster

The Boston Demons are hosting a game watch party this Friday at Kings and asked me to come up with a digital poster to circulate and use on Facebook.  The AFL Grand Final is the equivalent of the Super Bowl for Australian rules football and the party the Demons host is a huge fundraiser for the team.  

The client asked me to emphasize the fact that the game is being played live since it's the only place in Boston where that is true.  Another thing I was mindful of was how the image would be cropped when it's used as a Facebook cover photo. Cover photos are only 315 pixels tall, so the event cover photo cuts off the top of the image above the word LIVE as well as below the date and location.

 The part of this project that was most time consuming for me was actually finding this dramatic photo of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (the location of the Grand Final every year).  The photo does a lot of the work to convey the event mood by itself. 

Feel free to join Boston's Australian community at Kings on Friday night!